Our Aircraft

PT-19 Trainer The Spirit of Tulsa Squadron workers have built and are maintaining a flyable PT-19, primary training aircraft. This two seater, open cockpit plane was the first aircraft in which prospective Army Air Corp pilots flew. Over 7,000 PT-19 trainers were built, but today fewer than 100 remain. Of that 100, approximately 40 are still flying.

We offer rides in this historic aircraft in all seasons except winter. It is an opportunity to experience open-cockpit flying that is affordable and unforgettable.   Read More >>


???????????????????????????????PT-26 Trainer – (Under restoration)  The PT-26 is the closed cockpit form of the PT-19. The Spirit of Tulsa team procured an un-airworthy PT-26 from a club in Wisconsin. We personally shipped the plane piecemeal on the back of trailers to the hangar. This project is currently under development and is slated for completion in 2015.  Read More >>